OEM Integration Services (OIS)

Longzu is proud to introduce its OEM Integration Services (OIS) for your parts. We, with robust mold expertise and certified ISO 9001-2008, provide the complete OEM services and implement entire process from a variety of industries and the Supply Chain base in Taiwan.


You want an OEM partner who understands your concepts/needs and come up with right solutions to fulfill you requirements. For this reason, Longzu relies on quality management and mold/molding expertise to prove our values. Furthermore, we are continuously working on optimizing mold design and manufacturing processes to deliver highest product reliability and proficiency.

Mechanical design
Various of mold making
Plastic injection
Plastic processing
Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
Sheet-metal processing
Various of metal processing
Machine Center (CNC)
Precession Stamping
Powder metallurgy
Prototyping and tooling making
What will you benefit from LONGZU’s OIS?
You provide ideas/samples we deliver final products
Besides Plastics, we deliver Metals and Teflon products
Longzu has more than 46 years of accumulated mold/molding experiences
Strong Mold and processing technology for different materials
Flexible and responsive manufacturing process
Completed integration services
Ability to order customer-defined products
Completed outsourcing resources and managerial skills